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Every kitchen is as unique and distinctive as those who cook in it. We offer a comprehensive range of kitchen remodeling services to residents of Tigard, OR, and the adjacent regions, including design, planning, installation, and project completion.

Call RUPP for an amazing job on all kinds of home improvement projects, from a kitchen remodel or master bath large remodel project to detail-oriented phase remodeling in Tigard, Oregon.
RUPP Family Builders is an expert, family-owned kitchen remodel group of local contractors and project managers to handle any home remodel future projects in Tigard, Oregon.

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A kitchen renovation may be a time-consuming and complicated procedure, especially when homeowners have contractors, cash issues, or personal difficulties. RUPP Family Builders in Tigard, OR, is a well-known kitchen makeover business that provides outstanding customer care. We work hard to make the remodeling process as simple and painless as possible for our clients. Our skilled experts handle everything from start to finish, so you can sit back and enjoy the process.

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We are the most well-known kitchen remodeling company in Tigard, OR.

We provide a wide range of design services that you may customize to meet your specific demands.

Renovations will be handled by professionals with a track record of success in all project components.

We understand how important your home and kitchen are to your family, and we work with you every step to bring your vision to reality.

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The RUPP Family Builders is a well-known Tigard house remodeling business providing home refurbishing services to locals for many years. Our family's long history of skill, honest communication, and expert collaboration has earned us top ratings from the area's most prestigious builders and residents.

Renovations are a fantastic way to modernize your kitchen's appearance and functionality. We understand that each kitchen is unique to the people who use it; therefore, we build one step at a time with a bespoke ambiance. Design, planning, installation, and final project conclusion are all services we offer for kitchen remodeling.

Your project manager will walk through the entire process and all the details of your kitchen remodel, master bath design, or home remodeling process until you are extremely happy and confident in your home remodel.

You Can Depend On Us

First, we collaborate with you to develop a shared vision for your new kitchen. Then, according to your specifications, we manage every aspect from beginning to end. Our skilled experts cover everything from design to installation through completion touches. We want you to be delighted with the finished product! Our team has over a century of building, carpentry, and design expertise on hand and knows how to provide high-quality and long-lasting solutions for your home in Tigard, OR.

Your Tigard, Oregon kitchen remodelers you can depend on to achieve an excellent job on your dream home remodeling project.

A Partnership for Life

Connections are how the Tigard community flourishes, and we believe it is critical to both our company's and your home's success. Many businesses overlook the value of establishing connections. We'd want to form a long-term collaboration with you by utilizing an open communication style that covers all process elements. We try to give you the communication skills and tactics you need to express your ideas, comprehend, and assist you in managing the stressful renovation procedure.

We want to be your kitchen remodel and home construction partner for life in Tigard, Oregon

Perfectly Customized to You

Every family is unique, and we must adapt each kitchen to meet their demands. Tigard residents have confidence in us since we pay attention to their needs and make the modifications that best suit their lifestyle. We'll collaborate with you and other experts to create a one-of-a-kind cooking area that incorporates the knowledge and expertise of several other artists, merchants, and designers. We'll pay close attention to all elements of your kitchen, from materials to textures to flow and input from other artisans, suppliers, and designers.

We make every home project about your dream home aspirations, from guest bath design to a new kitchen remodel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Remodels

How long will it take to renovate my kitchen in Tigard, Oregon?

Whether starting from the ground up or just upgrading part of an existing kitchen, the procedure for improving or remodeling it will be unique. Depending on the labor and design involved, kitchen renovation might take a few weeks to months. Demolition, rewiring fixtures, and installing new pipes are all tasks that may need several days. This is a rough estimate for Tigard and throughout Oregon.

Because of COVID-19's supply-chain restrictions, construction delays are conceivable.

Consider how long it'll take to start if you're considering renovating your kitchen. A wholly changed kitchen may need weeks, if not months, of labor. Permits and inspections might cause delays. You'll have to plan your makeover and select your favorite appliances, cabinets, tiles, lighting, new windows, and flooring.

For those who want to know how long their kitchen will be closed, the time it takes to convert a Tigard kitchen makeover is from weeks to months, depending on the number of modifications. We have a track record of delivering high-end new kitchen renovation services on time and under budget. You can start the process by requesting a quote for your home renovations from us.

RUPP is a family-owned business with over 35 years of experience in kitchen and bathroom remodels, dining room flooring, laundry room makeovers, bespoke floorings, and master bathrooms in West Linn, Wilsonville, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Portland, and other areas. We'll be there for you from start to finish. 

Is it more cost-effective to restore or replace my kitchen cabinets?

Whether or not to refinish or replace your existing cabinetry will be determined by your budget. We'll also need to look at the style and design of any changes. We ensure that the renovation you choose meets all your requirements rather than supplying a one-size-fits-all answer.

Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you like the appearance of your present cabinetry and don't want to spend money on a new set, refinishing it may be an intelligent alternative. Check to see whether your old cabinets are still usable; also, double-check for any structural problems.

If you don't want to spend much money on new cabinets, refinishing them is usually the wisest option. First, remove the old paint and seal to refinish your cabinets. Then they'll need sanding, a fresh coat of paint, veneer, or laminate before putting the completed parts back together.

Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

You can exchange them if you don't want to keep your cabinets. There are several advantages to replacing your cupboards and additional expenses. Because cabinets are planned, made, and installed to match a specific design, new cabinets enable you to make layout changes that would be impossible with your current setup. Modern cupboards in an older kitchen will provide years of usefulness.

You have complete discretion over every aspect of the project, from different carpentry and high-quality materials to color, texture, and finish choices for kitchen cabinet restoration or replacement.

Tigard and Portland's most experienced kitchen remodeling firm, RUPP Family Builders, pledges to finish all of your services correctly. Our reputation and past success demonstrate that we keep our promises to deliver a high-quality new kitchen makeover project. Please do not wait any longer to contact us for a consultation appointment or obtain a quote for your new kitchen makeover project.

What type of material should I go for when it comes to my kitchen countertops?

We offer a wide range of kitchen renovation services in the Portland area. We can help you choose between granite, quartz, marble, or soapstone worktops for your Tigard home. It would help if you also thought about the following factors:

  • Ease of Maintenance: Different materials need varying amounts of attention.
  • Heat Resistance: Materials vary in their heat tolerance.
  • Scratch Resistance: Some materials resist scratches and scuffs better than others.
  • Stain Resistance: Some countertops are more stain-resistant than others.
  • Budget: The price difference between various materials is significant.

We understand that you want attractive and functional worktops for your kitchen, but which one should you choose? Here's a thorough comparison of all the choices so you can make an informed decision.

Ceramic: Ceramic countertops are less expensive and more durable than composite ones, making them a superior choice for most people. Ceramic countertops, like other types of granite and quartz, are vulnerable to heat deterioration, wear, strain, and chipping.

Granite: Granite countertops are stunning, long-lasting, and provide a high-end, artistic stone appearance to any area. Every countertop slab is handcrafted from natural granite that has been mined directly from the rock quarry with a distinct shape. This substance is permeable, which means liquids may discolor over time if not cleaned regularly. Granite can last decades if properly maintained.

Quartz: Quartz countertops are heat and acid-resistant, long-lasting, stain-free engineered stone. They're an excellent option for any kitchen makeover since they provide the same benefits as ceramic without looking synthetic.

Marble: Marble is a more expensive alternative and, as a result, one of the most beautiful countertop materials available. Because marble is permeable, you should use caution when working with it in the kitchen. Avoid placing hot skillets or other uncovered items on your marble table since this will undoubtedly stain it. Although marble worktops may survive for a long time, they need special care.

Recycled Glass: Recycled glass has several advantages, one of which is that it does not take on liquids, making it easy to maintain. You may find recycled glass worktops in contemporary and conventional kitchens, one of the most visually lovely materials available.

Solid Surface: Solid surface is a resin-based composite that may be colored to look like other materials and is textured or smooth. It's pretty long-lasting but isn't scratch-resistant, so you'll need to use more caution when cleaning it. Because solid surface counters don't require much upkeep, they're easier to maintain than laminate countertops.

Concrete: Concrete is a fantastic option if you're looking for something unique or unusual in your kitchen. The highly polished concrete slabs are composed of different concrete than standard sidewalks, resulting in reduced permeability. New methods have been developed to install concrete worktops in the kitchen to increase resistance and minimize permeability. New chemicals have also been discovered that reduce fracture risk by lowering fracture danger.

Laminate: Laminate counters are less expensive to maintain and easier to work with than high-end materials. It comes in various colors, so it'll look great in almost any kitchen design. The disadvantage is that laminate countertops scratch easily and lose their sheen after a few years, much like ceramic. Because this material is prone to melting at high temperatures, only use low-heat appliances.

Tile: Kitchen countertops are available in various colors and designs, as well as ones with customized patterns or pictures. Tiles with unique patterns or images imprinted on them are also accessible, giving your kitchen a one-of-a-kind personal touch. Cleaning the grout lines is not as easy to maintain as other materials.

Wood: Wood is heat-resistant, making it less challenging to maintain. Because wood is heavy and vulnerable to dampness, it's also expensive and time-consuming to install. Because there are so many different wood species, your kitchen's style may be traditional or modern, depending on the materials you pick.

We're here to help you determine what kind of countertops you need for your kitchen renovation in Tigard, OR. It doesn't matter what you pick as long as it's dependable.

We can help with kitchen remodeling, appliances, flooring choices, lighting, sinks, dining room makeovers, master bathroom renovations, basements, guest bathroom upgrades, and product testing. Please do not hesitate to contact us right away! Our courteous RUPP Family Builders experts and management will happily answer any questions or requests you may have.

Is it more cost-effective to renovate my kitchen during summer or winter?

Summers in Tigard and the Portland metropolitan area are bright, warm, and inviting, while winter is dreary. Each month there are about 4 inches of rain from January through March.

We can handle any kitchen makeover project, regardless of the time of year and the scope. Our team is eager to work with you at all times of the year, but waiting until the rainy season ends will save you money. As you consider how to go on, we've compiled a list of questions to consider and balance:

  • Timeline: Since the work on your kitchen takes weeks, if not months, you can expect to be out of commission for some time. Even though you can access your kitchen, preparing meals will be difficult because of constant changes. Events like parties, family gatherings, or holiday parties are planned during the repair process and must be rescheduled or postponed until after it is finished.
  • Logistics: If possible, perform your kitchen makeover before moving into a new residence. If you already reside in your home, consider alternative options such as renting out a property or staying at a hotel for part of the time.

Be sure to contact us immediately for a no-obligation quotation for your next kitchen or bathroom makeover. By offering various services, including design and renovation help, we can assist you in completing on time and within budget so that each project runs as smoothly as possible. Please contact us to receive a free estimate for your next kitchen or bathroom remodeling project in Tigard, West Linn, Wilsonville, Beaverton, Oregon City, Portland, OR, or the adjacent counties.

Will a kitchen remodel increase the value of my home in Tigard, OR?

If you do it right, a kitchen makeover may save you much money in the long run. A high-end kitchen renovation might produce a 54% profit. Costs will vary depending on local real estate markets, the cost of goods, and other variables.

If you want to sell or refinance your home as quickly as feasible, kitchen renovations of high quality can significantly raise and maintain the resale value. Market conditions are ever-changing, but a kitchen makeover or upgrade might boost and increase the asking price if done correctly.

When you start renovating your kitchen, unforeseen costs are likely to appear. However, when you're completed with a renovation project, it's usually well worth it, and you'll have lots of beautiful stories to tell due to your hard work.

The old home that you grew up in may be in better shape than when you bought it. When remodeling your kitchen for the most incredible cooking experience, you'll notice how much more enjoyable it is after each usage, whether hosting guests or cooking supper.

We provide the personnel and resources to help you get the most out of your project. We can do everything from a little remodel to a complete makeover on time and on budget. We comprehend how difficult it is to locate skilled contractors and excellent client service for your house renovations. To guarantee that we are the only contractor you'll ever need, we work hard to be the one and only contractor you'll ever need.

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