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Dealing with contractors, budgets, and uncertainties can make remodeling your kitchen a stressful and overwhelming experience. As Lake Oswego's foremost kitchen renovation company, RUPP Family Builders makes sure your project goes as smoothly as possible. Our expert craftsmanship and excellent staff create an enjoyable experience for you.

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We treat every customer with the respect they deserve, and we keep communication lines open. Homeowners in Lake Oswego choose RUPP Family Builders because they value our traditions of craftsmanship and collaboration.

From design and planning to installation and completion, we provide a comprehensive range of kitchen remodeling services, each kitchen as unique as the homeowners who use it.

Our team does excellent work in the Happy Valley, Lake Oswego, and Tualatin, Oregon areas.

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We take pleasure in exceeding your expectations and providing high-quality, long-lasting solutions for your house. We take pride in our superior customer service and making your renovation a satisfying experience. We genuinely love what we do, and it's reflected in our work. With over a century of combined construction, carpentry, and design experience behind us, we appreciate the ability to create a space that will bring joy to you and your family.

Whatever your remodeling project, from new cabinets and new countertops to new flooring and a new kitchen ceiling, our contractors will do great work on all of your projects.

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We don't simply construct kitchens; we create lasting connections. Through a framework of open communication throughout the project's many phases, we want to earn your trust and become your home remodeling partner for life by delivering everything that you need. We want you to be heard, understood, and empowered on the emotional journey of renovating your kitchen.

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We'll work together to give you a kitchen that is one-of-a-kind. From textures to materials, we will design the ideal living environment for you. Our skilled vendors, craftspeople, and designers will work hard in cooperation with your needs and desires to create the perfect space for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Question About Kitchen Remodels

In Lake Oswego, how long does a kitchen remodeling project take?

The time it takes to renovate a kitchen is unpredictable and depends on the amount of labor and design involved. Typically, a total kitchen remodel can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. The more design-heavy and labor-intensive the project is, the longer it will take. The timeline also depends on the availability of materials.

Depending on how extensive an overhaul you want, the procedure for completely gutting and reconstructing a current kitchen may differ significantly. If you need to remove walls, re-wire, and replace plumbing pipes, each of these tasks will take at least a few days. You'll also need more time to plan your new kitchen design and make purchasing decisions like selecting the appliances, cabinets, tiles, lighting, new windows, new layout, sinks, and hardwood flooring. Getting all necessary permits and inspections in place and planned ahead of time might add to the project duration.

How long will your kitchen be unusable? The length of time your kitchen will be unusable is difficult to predict. Estimate at least a several-week timeframe for the kitchen project, depending on the intensity of the work. With bespoke cabinets and other aspects, kitchen refacing projects might take three months or more.

Our staff in Lake Oswego, Oregon, completes kitchen makeovers with your deadline in mind. No matter where you live or what your zip code is, our reputation and track record surpass those of other firms and renovators. Our approach to kitchen remodels allows clients to stay on budget while still getting high-quality service and cutting-edge design. Request a quote from the top Lake Oswego kitchen designers and renovation experts today!

RUPP Family Builders is your local, family-owned, and family-operated business for all of your kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, dining room renovation, laundry room renovation, flooring installation, guest bathroom renovation, master bath remodel work as well as basement finishing needs in Lake Oswego, Portland, Oregon, West Linn, Oregon City, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Is it better to restore or replace my cabinets?

Considering that every homeowner has a different budget, style, and design preference, the answer will vary from home to home.

If you plan on restoring your cabinets, you'll have a few steps in store. You'll first have to remove the old finish. Then, you'll have to sand them down to a smooth surface. Finally, you'll have to apply a new coat of paint, veneer, or laminate, and reinstall the finished outer layer on your cabinets.

Refacing your cabinets may be the most cost-effective option when your budget is tight. Aside from the price, you should choose this solution rather than replacing your cabinets if you like where they are now and don't want to do the floor again. Even if you do, double-check for any interior damage to the cabinets before spending money attempting to preserve something that can't be restored.

If you wish, you may also replace your cabinets with factory cabinets or custom cabinetry. There are several benefits to cabinet replacement. You can pick the size, type, and style that best suits your lifestyle. With new cabinets, you can be certain that your new kitchen will last for many years and enhance the value of your property.

Redoing or replacing items like your cabinets in a kitchen remodel gets you one step closer to customizing every aspect of your space, from bespoke fixtures to high-end appliances to lighting and sinks, as well as high-quality finishes.

If you're still undecided, contact RUPP Family Builders for a free in-home consultation and a free estimate. As the premier home renovation experts and kitchen designers in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and the surrounding communities, we'll do an amazing job with your kitchen remodel.

What type of material should I use from my kitchen countertops?

With so many different materials to choose from for your home remodeling project, how do you pick the right one to match the style and function of your kitchen? A countertop is a must-have in any kitchen renovation, so we've broken down your choices so you can make an informed decision:

Ceramic: Ceramic countertops have both aesthetic and durability advantages. They're more cost-effective than many alternatives but they tend to be more prone to heat, daily usage, and chipping than other materials.

Quartz: Quartz countertops are made from engineered stone. It's long-lasting, stain-resistant, heat and acid-resistant, and it's unsanded. Quartz is a great choice for a kitchen remodel since it looks like granite or marble but has the same properties as ceramic.

Recycled Glass: This is a less expensive and lightweight alternative to ceramic. It doesn't absorb liquids, making it simple to clean. Recycled glass is a visually attractive material, making it perfect for versatile design ideas. It's a popular choice that an interior designer might choose for their client if they need a push in the right direction. Its universal appeal look allows it to be utilized in both modern and conventional kitchens.

Granite: Granite countertops are extremely strong and long-lasting. It is a natural cut stone and it comes in a variety of colors. Granite is porous, which means that liquids may discolor it over time. Granite can endure for decades if properly cared for. It's expensive, but if you have enough room in your budget and you're planning on creating a durable space, it's a great option.

Laminate: Laminates are a wonderful option for people who want a cost-effective, easy-to-maintain material. There is a flip side to it being so affordable. Be aware that it scratches easily and dulls soon after a few years, much like ceramic. Laminates come in a variety of colors, but you should only use low-heat appliances on them since they can melt.

Marble: Marble countertops, like granite, are pricey and elegant. A lot of people have marble in their vision of a dream kitchen. Marble is porous, so you must be cautious about how you utilize it in the kitchen. It's best to avoid using hot pans or putting anything unwrapped on the surface when possible. Although marble counters endure for years, they do need expert care.

Solid Surface: A solid surface is a composite of resin that may be colored and imitates the look of other materials. It's quite durable, but it isn't scratch-resistant, so you'll have to be especially careful when cleaning it. Solid surface counters can be cleaned simply, but they are more expensive than laminate countertops.

Concrete: If you're looking for counters with unique shapes for a distinctive kitchen, concrete might be the answer. Due to their significant weight, concrete countertops are poured, cast, and molded in the kitchen. These highly polished concrete slabs aren't the same type of concrete used in sidewalk paving stones; they're completely different. Additives and chemicals can reduce concrete cracking and aid in making concrete less permeable.

Tile: Ceramic and porcelain tile countertops are intended to endure. That's why you often find them installed in a shower, around a bath, or on bathroom floors. Tiles come in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes. They do have a lovely appearance, but they are prone to discoloring over time. The grout lines, in particular, tend to stain easily, so you must clean them frequently.

Wood: Because there are so many types of wood, the look of your kitchen will depend on the lumber you choose. Some woods look more traditional, some look lighter, and others look sleeker. Wood is also costly and needs expert installation because it is heavy and susceptible to moisture. It's heat-resistant as well as simple to maintain, as long as you keep the coating intact.

Picking out the right materials for your kitchen renovation is a difficult task, especially if you don't know what sort of countertops to pick. However, if you're unsure about the kind of countertops to choose for your kitchen project, we are here to assist. Please get in contact with us as soon as possible! Our project managers and courteous staff are eager to assist with any request or project.

We are here and happy to answer any questions regarding kitchen remodels, appliances, flooring options, lighting, sinks, dining room, bathroom design, master bathroom remodel, custom cabinetry, local business evaluations, product reviews, a plan for updating any room, past projects, modern design ideas, and more. Our Portland metro area staff will do such an amazing job on your kitchen, you'll never want to use anyone else for any future home project.

What time of year is best to remodel my kitchen in Lake Oswego, OR?

Because of its central location in the region, Lake Oswego is a flourishing metropolis that thrives on developing and expanding. During the summer season, it's beautiful and mild; however, during wintertime, it can get quite chilly and rainy.

Whenever you're ready to begin, we'll be happy to assist you with your dream kitchen remodel. However, be sure to keep in mind what time of year you prefer having work done on your home. Kitchen renovation is a very personal choice, so here are some things to think about and balance while deciding:

  • Timeline: Your kitchen may not be usable for weeks or months, depending on the complexity of the job. You may be able to access your kitchen during the renovation, but preparing meals will be difficult amidst the home construction activities.
  • Logistics: It's preferable to complete your kitchen remodeling projects before moving if you're planning on buying a new home. If you already reside in your new home, alternative options may be needed. One popular option is to rent out a property for a little while. You could also prepare an interim kitchen area or stay in a hotel for part of the duration of your project and construction.

We provide a wide range of services such as custom cabinets, kitchen makeovers, and bathroom renovations. We can help you with every project from start to finish. Get a no-obligation quotation for your next kitchen or bathroom renovation now.

Will remodeling my kitchen increase the value of my Lake Oswego home?

One of the greatest home improvement investments you can make is a kitchen remodel.

A kitchen makeover and upgrade will typically raise the value of your house by a substantial amount. For those individuals wanting to refinance or sell their property, kitchen renovations may greatly improve the resale value.

The typical return on a major luxury kitchen remodel is around 54 percent. Of course, rates might vary depending on local real estate markets, material costs, and other factors. However, it's reasonable to anticipate that the return on your kitchen makeover investment will be profitable.

Kitchen remodels may be time-consuming and costly, but they are often well worth it. The greatest benefit of a kitchen makeover is how pleased you will be with your new finished product, style, and layout after the project is finished. Cooking, entertaining, and day-to-day life become more enjoyable as a result of it.

Whether you're doing a little repair job or undertaking a complete makeover, our team of professionals can help you with any project. We do an excellent job in a timely manner. For over a century, we've been serving homeowners through quality craftsmanship, craftsman design, and quality materials.

Our company offers a variety of specialized services, design experts, remodelers, and contractor expertise to ensure that jobs are completed on time and effectively. Request a free estimate online now for your next designer project in the Lake Oswego or Portland metro area.

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