The modern kitchen is no longer just a space for meal preparation. It is also a focal point. A place that brings together the entire family to share food and stories at the start and end of each day. Many contemporary kitchens also double as an office space and entertainment area when friends come to visit. This is why reinventing a tired-looking kitchen can be so important.

From installing new cabinets and countertops to new statement lighting, kitchen remodels can be a game-changer. With this in mind, here are a few creative kitchen revamp ideas for inspiration.

Glazed Tile Backsplash

While matt tiled kitchen backsplashes have been around for years, more homeowners are starting to notice the appeal of glazed tile finishes. Glazed tiles are not only aesthetically pleasing, they reflect light across the kitchen, making it feel more spacious. Select bold colors or opt for glazed white tiles for a more understated look. Alternatively, choose artisan tiles with a textured surface.

While classic tile shapes and linear arrangements are still popular, many homeowners are getting creative with tile layout. Some of the more standout layout designs include the staggered brick effect and step ladder look.  

Another trend in tile backsplashes relates to the portion of the wall they cover. Backsplashes are becoming larger, sometimes even rising to the ceiling. This is a particularly popular design element when a kitchen does not include upper cabinets.

Statement Hoods 

While up to recently range hoods have been viewed as a functional necessity rather than an aesthetic element of a kitchen, this is no longer the case. After all, a customized range hood can make an important contribution to the overall feel of your kitchen. From metal extractor canopies to eye-catching tiled designs (for a sleek look match these with your backsplash), a range hood can be as subdued or bold as each homeowner. 

Layered Lighting

While getting home lighting right can be tricky, the right kitchen remodel can revolutionize the way you live and play. When thinking about the lighting design of your kitchen, it is important not to go overboard on task lighting. Instead, use ambient and accent lights to add character to your kitchen. Well-positioned lighting can add pops of interest to a space without leaving gloomy shadows. 

Dark Colors

Traditionally used as accent hues, browns, grays, navy and even black are making quite a splash in kitchen design. From walls to cabinets and countertops, dark colors are being used to add elegance and dramatic charm to kitchens. Nevertheless, when playing with dark colors, it is important to tread carefully. Including too many dark elements in a kitchen remodel can make a space feel overly gloomy and perpetually dark.

Natural Elements

Once extremely popular in kitchen design, natural materials are once again starting to play a crucial role in kitchen remodels. From wood to marble and granite, well-selected natural surfaces can add both warmth and depth to a space. As such, it is not surprising that many homeowners are choosing to go back to basics with granite tabletops, unpainted wooden cabinets and timber highlights.

Get Your Kitchen Remodel Off to a Great Start

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