Top Kitchen Remodeling Tips to Know Before You Start

Consider Including Subway Tiles, a Kitchen Island, Task Lighting, Comfy Seating, and New Cabinets in Your Remodel.

Congratulations if you’re doing a kitchen renovation! This is an exciting moment for you. Kitchen remodels can drastically modify your whole house and add value to it. But there are a few steps you should take before starting to demolish walls and rip out your appliances.

Design Decisions

Whether it’s modern or classic, sleek or rustic, the style of your new kitchen is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make during this renovation project. Spend time looking at kitchen remodeling ideas on the internet and in publications while keeping your own style and preferences in mind.

If you want assistance with your kitchen design or want to see renderings of how your ideas will appear, you may utilize a home design program on your phone or tablet, or request that your contractor show you samples of materials and an overall design layout. That way, you can see what those stainless steel appliances or energy-efficient appliances, tile backsplash, and upper cabinets will look like before you commit to including them in your kitchen remodel costs.

Create a Realistic Kitchen Remodel Budget

Portland kitchen remodels can get expensive fast. It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of how much money you have to spend on your dream kitchen before beginning any of your remodel projects. Work with your local contractors and your bank to establish a realistic kitchen renovation budget that works for you.

Staying on budget throughout the remodeling process usually seems like a pipe dream once you realize just how much everything costs, from the bespoke tile backsplash and replacing your existing cabinets with custom cabinetry to the stainless steel appliances and the marble countertops. That’s why you hire a good, solid, reliable contractor who will help you stay the course and reign in your desire to get the best of everything.

Hire the Right Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Choosing the correct contractor for your kitchen remodel is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make throughout your kitchen remodel. Do your homework and go with a trustworthy and local contractor, like RUPP Family Builders, that has renovated many kitchens before. Before making a selection, get recommendations and read reviews. Competent project managers will help you stay on budget, achieve a uniform appearance throughout your kitchen, and provide a lovely completed product that you will appreciate for years to come.

Verify Your Homeowners Insurance

Make sure your homeowners insurance carrier is aware of your planned renovation work. Some policies may not cover damage that occurs during a house restoration, so be sure to understand what your policy covers and does not cover.

Prepare for Kitchen Chaos

A kitchen makeover may be dirty and time-consuming, so it’s important to plan ahead of time. Expect to be without a fully operational kitchen for several weeks or even months. Have a backup plan for how you are going to cook for your family and where you are going to store your food, liquids, and dishware.

Clear Everything Out Your Cupboards and Pantry

When you’re ready to start remodeling your kitchen, the first step is to empty it. This will help your contractor get in and start work right away. Don’t make their crew take all of the stuff out of your cabinets. In fact, they will probably refuse to do so, so it’s best to just prep the space for them. It will save you money and it will save everyone a lot of time.

Get After It!

Before you can start demoing and transforming your kitchen into a beautiful oasis, you must first complete a number of tasks. These include coming up with a realistic budget, selecting the appropriate design, hiring a competent contractor like the ones at RUPP Family Builders, verifying your homeowner’s insurance coverage, preparing for dust and disruption from construction, and clearing out your cupboards and pantry. Doing this will ensure that your makeover is as painless as possible and that you are left with a lovely, practical kitchen for you to enjoy for years to come.

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