What Is the First Thing to Do When Updating a Kitchen?

Congratulations! It is a big deal when you decide to take your first step to remodel your kitchen. We can't wait to turn the heart of your house into a place everyone will want to be.

Are you thinking about updating your kitchen? If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners start drafting up remodeling plans as soon as the title is in their name. But where do you start? What’s the first thing you should do when remodeling a kitchen?

In this blog post, we’ll share with you the first thing you should do when updating a kitchen, according to our experts. So whether you’re planning a complete kitchen remodel or just want to update a few things here and there, read on for some helpful tips.

Finetune Your Inspiration

Careful planning is essential to create the perfect space with a kitchen remodel. There are so many different options available that it can be overwhelming without a vision board.

To ensure you find the most inspiring ideas for your new kitchen, consider browsing through home improvement magazines and TV shows, or take advantage of tools like Pinterest to gather ideas and research styles and colors that appeal to you. Sometimes looking through the kitchen remodeling trials and triumphs of others will open your mind to even better options than you imagined.

Establish a Kitchen Remodeling Project Budget

Establishing a budget before starting a kitchen renovation is essential for finding the best company for the job. Doing your research ahead of time can help you plan and properly allocate funds for a kitchen remodel.

By understanding what you can afford, you are freed up to realistically dream and focus on hiring the right licensed contractor to complete the entire process. Having a clear budget ensures that kitchen dreams don’t spiral into financial nightmares!

Will Your Dream Kitchen Need a Demo?

If your kitchen is in need of some TLC, it’s important to take the time to decide what changes you’d like to make. Are you looking for subtle changes, or are you after a major kitchen remodel? Taking the time to consider your kitchen remodeling goals can help achieve the desired outcome.

Are you looking for new kitchen cabinets, or do you just want to resurface them and install a new backsplash? Can your look be completed with a built-in kitchen island, or does it need to be rolling? Maybe it’s time to toss out the entire layout and aged appliances to invest in a functional kitchen layout that blends into your dream hardwood flooring.

Whatever it is, planning out and determining your kitchen renovation project needs will help bring it all together and make the process smoother.

Hire a Reputable, Professional Contractor

When it comes to kitchen renovations, it pays to hire qualified contractors who have years of kitchen remodeling experience. Do your research and ensure that you select a general contractor who knows their stuff when it comes to every aspect of building a brand-new kitchen.

After all, the skills for kitchen demolition are very different from tile-laying, cabinet installation, flooring, and lighting! With the help of a professional contractor, you can transform your outdated kitchen into a brand-new one.

Renovation Realities Include the Need for a Temporary Kitchen

Remodeling is necessary and exciting but comes with its own set of short-term inconveniences. If you are considering renovating your kitchen space, know that the timeline can vary anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to install countertops, cabinets, and new flooring, let alone wait for new appliances to come in.

During this time, you may be without a functioning kitchen, so it’s best to plan for eating out or ordering in for your meals until the work is completed. Though this might seem like an obstacle initially, don’t let it damper your dreams of a new space! The final product will be worth the wait with proper planning and the right team of professionals behind you.

Avoid DIY Kitchen Remodel Woes With Rupp Family Builders

Kitchen renovations can be a daunting task, but they are well worth the effort in the end. Since these projects often take several weeks or months, it’s important to go into it with a clear vision and a reputable contractor you trust to remodel a kitchen fit for your home and family.

With all the aforementioned tips in mind, kitchen renovations can be enjoyable from start to finish. So what are you waiting for? Put RUPP Family Builders on the job and turn your kitchen dream into reality today!

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