The construction and design process of kitchen remodeling can be challenging, mainly because home remodeling is more complicated than building it from the ground up. Messing up the kitchen remodel could end up ruining the entire construction process and the house's aesthetic quality.

Additionally, a kitchen remodel is a significant investment. Basic remodeling can cost between $10,000 and $100,000. Hiring the wrong kitchen remodeling company means losing your hard-earned cash.

Similarly to selecting a construction team to build your house, it's essential to consider your choice of kitchen remodelers carefully. Numerous companies in your zip code offer kitchen remodeling services, so how can you ensure you're selecting the right company?

Let's take a look at some of the crucial things you should consider before making that choice.

Choosing a Kitchen Improvement Company

Establish Credibility of Several Kitchen Remodeling Contractors 

Finding the best kitchen improvement company takes some research. To start, list about five to ten companies in your area. It’s best to consider local kitchen remodel companies since they are already aware of the local building codes.

There are many ways to source for kitchen improvement companies, such as:

Getting Recommendations from Your Neighbors or Local Businesses

Chances are there's someone around you who remodeled their kitchen recently. Word of mouth is a great way to get honest reviews of local remodeling companies. It's easy to verify the quality of work when you can see how well-done the job is.

Alternatively, you can visit local timber yards and determine which companies acquire high-quality materials and have no financial misconduct. At your local hardware stores, talk to the employees and decide which kitchen remodel companies they highly recommend.

Conducting an Online Search

You can also search Google, Bing, or Angie's List for kitchen improvement companies. It's best to start by selecting the top five suggestions and then look them up individually. Use business review platforms to determine their performance and design process, such as social media pages, Yelp, and Google My Business.

Professional kitchen remodelers take pride in their work. They should have professional websites that display before and after photos of their projects. Check the ratings and both positive and negative reviews to get a feel of their work’s quality.

Looking for Kitchen Remodel Recommendations on Social Media Platforms Such as Facebook

Once you get suggestions, check them out online and list them based on your impressions. Cross them out from your list if the company has no:

  • Professional website
  • Proof of previously completed projects
  • Positive reviews from previous clients

This process of selection and elimination will help you focus on companies that have the best chance of meeting your standards.

When you have a list of finalists, it's time to establish their credibility. The best way to do this is by getting client testimonials or even contacting some of their past clients. Many remodeling companies have no problem supplying references if asked.

After you have a final list of two or three kitchen remodeling companies, it’s time to consider their experience and get some estimates. Don't forget that the quality of materials used can affect the total cost of the job.

Consider the Company’s Experience

The company you choose should have proof of providing stable, reliable, quality services. Having many years of sales experience does not guarantee financial stability or good customer experience.

An excellent kitchen improvement company can prove adaptability. They can keep up with market trends, which you can tell by the rate of customer satisfaction.

Check the Warranty Period on the Company’s Products

Most companies have extended or lifetime warranties on their products and services because they are confident in their work. However, there's a difference between a new company offering a lifetime warranty and a company with 30 years in the business offering the same.

There’s always a risk of new companies closing up before your warranty period expires. With experienced companies such as RUPP Family Builders, you don’t have to worry about the warranty on their kitchen remodels.

Determine Whether the Company Uses Subcontractors or Employees

Most subcontractors are professional, but not all. When companies use employees, they get a different experience with each project, unlike having other subcontractors on various projects.

There’s a higher chance of getting better quality work on kitchen remodels from businesses with employees. Additionally, the employees are most likely under the company’s liability insurance.

Confirm Credentials

Construction and design require professional qualification and significant experience. The kitchen remodeling companies you consider should be able to back any credentials listed on their website.

Ask whether the lead engineers, the project manager, or design team have relative educational training from reputable institutions. Remember to verify the license and accreditations that prove the company meets the safety and quality standards.

Request Quotes

Kitchen remodeling is often expensive. When working on a budget, it’s best to compare quotes from different companies to see which one works best.

However, cheap can be expensive! If a company offers services at meager costs, ensure you confirm the quality of the materials they use and the expertise of their construction team and project manager. It may be difficult for you to tell the quality difference so ask a staff member to explain the low costs.

Most companies offer quotes free of charge, so get in touch with the project manager and share what you'd like to do. Let them know your working budget upfront and ask for a discount. Even better, you can ask for an on-site visit for a realistic quote from their design team.

You can also request a detailed contract for a similar project. Check the labor costs, types and cost of materials, payment structure, work schedule, change orders, and specific insurance information.


Choosing a kitchen improvement company can be daunting, especially when home remodeling for the first time. Take your time to do some research to ensure your choice is the best fit. With these tips, you’ll find that making a decision for your kitchen remodel is not as challenging after all.

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