Is There an App to Design My Kitchen Remodel?

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The right amount of Portland rain can send you into a flurry of hours pouring over Houzz interior design ideas and IKEA products. Measuring the kitchen in hopes of finding that perfect combination of form and function might lead you to the conclusion that it’s time to upgrade.

But can an app really give you the design you want?

Can Free Kitchen Design Software Beat Working With a Professional Designer?

App-based kitchen design has revolutionized the way dream kitchens come to life. With the simple swipe of a finger, homeowners can be their own interior designers and play with countless design options.

While this technology certainly has its benefits, can it replace the human who would step into kitchen planning with you in your own home? Are the different ideas in kitchen design software limiting or freeing?

Undoubtedly there will be a learning curve either way – so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of how you can plan your dream home.

The Pros and Cons of Using an App to Design Your Kitchen

Today, various free kitchen design software is available on Apple, Google, and Android devices. Each app is likely to have different features such as creating a floor plan and customizing storage options while providing access to an entire range of kitchen appliances -all at the touch of your finger!


Convenience – With today’s hectic schedules, it’s not always easy to find time to meet with a kitchen designer. A design app can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Affordability – Hiring a professional kitchen designer can be costly, whereas many apps have a free version with modestly priced in-app purchases.

DIY Inspiration – All DIYers need to do is upload a floor plan and get to work! Extended sacrificed cooking space is a given for those who want to do their own kitchen renovations.


Limited Scope – A cheap or free app can only do so much. It cannot provide the same level of service as a real kitchen designer who will take into account realistic lighting and real-life needs.

You Get What You Pay For – While design software is significantly cheaper than hiring a designer, there are obvious limitations. If you want access to comprehensive 2D and 3D tools, accurate kitchen layouts, or augmented reality, you’ll likely have to pay more money.

Not Personal Enough – A key ingredient in designing any room is developing rapport with your designer in order to create an ideal kitchen that truly reflects your style. When working with an app, this important element is lost.

How to Get the Most Out of an App-Based Kitchen Design

Taking advantage of kitchen design apps can be a great way to start creating the kitchen of your dreams without spending a fortune.

However, there is typically a learning curve associated with kitchen design software and interior design apps as features range from basic measurements and 3D room renderings to budgeting tools and kitchen remodel ideas. To get the most out of an app-based kitchen design, choose one with a user-friendly interface and enroll in tutorials for a deeper dive into the possibilities it offers.

In addition, Apple, Google, and Android users should ensure to match their expectations with reality. Just because the virtual kitchen planner can make it happen, doesn’t mean that those exact materials will be readily available in your area. Consider your virtual kitchen planner app of choice as a prequel to the main event!

The Benefits of Working With a Professional Designer

Working with a professional interior designer can help to achieve a uniquely personalized space. Whether it’s designing a sophisticated kitchen layout or creating custom storage solutions for a small floor plan, professional designers have the experience and expertise to develop creative solutions that will make your home more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

With access to all the latest interior design trends found on Houzz, Pinterest, and more, a professional kitchen planner can help you combine functionality with style when creating your ideal home. So if you’re looking for professional help in transforming your home into something special, consider hiring an interior designer to help bring your design vision to life.

Start Your Dream Kitchen Today with RUPP Family Builders

We hope this blog post has provided you with valuable insights into the decision-making process of deciding on an app or a professional kitchen designer. When evaluating your options, it’s important to consider both in terms of cost, experience, and convenience.

While the best apps can offer unique and easily accessible 2D and 3D user experiences conveniently on mobile devices, they do not on-site perspective that a professional builder has. On the other hand, expert advice and direction from a professional designer will probably come at a higher cost than an app-based kit.

If you’re ready for the one-on-one assistance that only a professional can provide for your kitchen design project, don’t hesitate to give RUPP Family Builders a call – we look forward to helping turn your vision into reality!

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