How Long Does It Take a Contractor to Remodel a Kitchen?

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Kitchens today are often much different than kitchens built decades ago, with upgrades to appliances like gas stoves, microwaves, self-cleaning ovens, and all of the fancy decorating people tend to do now. We have also increased the size and height of our kitchens, to match the increase in the size of everything in the whole house, leading to more storage and bigger appliances to fill the space.

With so much extra stuff going on, and so many levels of upgrades to choose from and finish work to sort out, how long will it actually take a contractor to remodel your kitchen?

Remodeling Timeframe

A kitchen remodel can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the scope of work and the type of kitchen you have. The length of time for your kitchen remodel also depends on whether you are looking for cosmetic updates or needs functional improvements as well:


Cosmetic kitchen remodels revamp the way a kitchen looks but not necessarily how it operates. These types of remodels may include changing the kitchen flooring, adding a tile backsplash, painting cabinets, adding wallpaper, or installing new countertops made of stone like granite or quartz. A contractor typically needs a few days to a couple of weeks to complete cosmetic kitchen remodels, provided all of the materials are available.


Functional improvements in a kitchen usually go hand-in-hand with cosmetic changes but could also include installing a dishwasher where there wasn’t one before, making space for a kitchen island, replacing an old stove with a gas range, swapping out ancient appliances with stainless steel appliances, or creating more storage space by moving appliances and creating upper cabinets. In this case, a contractor might plan on several weeks to several months for your remodel.

Complete Overhaul

Kitchen contractors can offer homeowners both options and redo your entire kitchen both cosmetically and functionally. In this instance, depending on the upgrades, materials, layout, and storage you choose, you could be looking at a very long-term project. Can you go without a kitchen for a few months?

There are also a lot of items to decide on too, so that adds time. Do you want laminate countertops, custom cabinetry, tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, wood cabinets, upper cabinets, energy-efficient appliances, a kitchen island, comfy seating at the bar, etc.? The list of decisions goes on and on. You can’t start without organizing and narrowing your kitchen remodeling ideas down to a plan that local contractors can work with.

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Why Do People Even Remodel Their Kitchens?

Kitchens are often the heart of a home, which is why many homeowners want them to look their best. Kitchen remodeling contractors can help get kitchens into tip-top shape, so families can use them to make meals together, entertain guests, or have a quiet refuge to practice their baking hobby. Whatever the reason, people are generally willing to sacrifice some time in their kitchen and part with money (usually a lot of it) to see their kitchen transformed into their dream space.

What Kind of Kitchen Remodel Will You Do?

In the end, any kind of kitchen remodel from cosmetic updates to total overhaul is going to take time, so homeowners need patience when starting the process of creating their dream kitchen. If you really want a new feel for your home’s kitchen, try kitchen designs that accomplish a functional update and also give your space a brand-new look to match your style.

Whatever you choose, and no matter how long it takes a contractor to remodel your kitchen, hopefully, it will become an awesome space for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come! RUPP Family Builders is your trusted, local, full-service remodeling company serving Portland, Oregon, West Linn, and the greater Portland area. Their experienced remodeling contractors and on-site designers can help you achieve all of your kitchen goals.

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