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Kitchens don’t have to be a drab and dark place. Sometimes older appliances can make a kitchen look less modern, but there are ways to make it look nice again. Here are some great design ideas for kitchens with older appliances!

Choose 1 Color Scheme

If your kitchen still has the original “builder grade” cabinets from the 70s or 80s, instead of hiring cabinet makers to give you expensive custom cabinetry, you can use paint in your kitchen remodel as a way to freshen up the room. If you’re feeling brave enough, one good idea is to choose a single color that ties everything together. You could paint all of your cabinets one solid color, then change the colors of accessories like rugs and tablecloths accordingly. This would keep your kitchen looking clean fresh while not compromising on one accent piece over another.

Though you might be tempted, try not to use too many accessories in your kitchen. The kitchen is already packed with appliances and countertops, so don’t clutter it by adding way too many design extras. Instead of putting knickknacks on the counters or shelves on the walls, limit your visible kitchen gadgets instead.

Use Cool Countertops

If you must put stuff on your countertops, there are many types of materials that are very modern looking that won’t make your kitchen look dated. Granite has become one of the most popular choices for home remodeling because it looks clean and classy with any color scheme, but if that isn’t your taste there are other options as well. You can go with a faux marble or suede look, and these materials also come in many colors so you don’t have to compromise your favorite accent color in your kitchen space.


If your appliances are pretty old, then one creative way to match the rest of your kitchen to your appliances is by styling your kitchen renovation to include a retro-chic look. Take a look at any remodeling magazine today, and you’ll see that the 60s and 70s are back in a big way! People are either going mid-century modern or all-out colorful, floral, and funky with their kitchen projects. This could be a great way to “update” your kitchen without needing to replace your appliances because they’ll fit right in with your new style.

To get this done, you may need to employ the services of some professional kitchen remodelers and interior designers. If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area, check out RUPP Family Builders. They offer full-service home remodeling services, and they’ll have an on-site interior designer and project managers to assist you in using your personal style to create your dream kitchen. Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or another space in your home, the builders, project managers, and designers at RUPP Family Builders will do an amazing job and give you the dream and home you desire!

Go for New Appliances

If you really want the kitchen to look brand new but none of your original appliances work anymore, it may be time to invest in some replacements. New stainless steel appliance designs have taken over kitchens everywhere because they’re modern-looking and simple enough that they can fit into any kitchen design theme. Plus, nice-looking appliances don’t break the bank as badly as you might think. There are many manufacturers currently competing to supply the best-looking and most affordable options for American consumers. Shop around, you might be surprised at the deals that are out there, which will make your kitchen remodeling project that much more enjoyable and doable.

You Can Make Your Kitchen Remodel Work

Design ideas for kitchen remodels aren’t limited to glossy remodeling magazines. There are lots of ways that you can make your kitchen look new again, even if your appliances are getting old. You can focus on color choice, redoing your countertops, or even retro-fitting your style. If all else fails and you decide you need new appliances, you’ll be surprised at how many affordable, nice-looking options are on the market. Don’t let old appliances take the fun out of the kitchen! Instead, use them as part of a bigger design plan to streamline and modernize your whole room.

For the best help with your kitchen design, Portland is home to RUPP Family Builders. You can reach out to their remodeling experts and kitchen designers to get a quote for your next kitchen remodeling project, bath remodel, dining room makeover, custom cabinetry project, and any other remodel projects you might have. Their focus as local contractors is to build relationships and provide you with the best Portland kitchen they can through craftsman design and supreme remodeling services. RUPP Family Builders services Lake Oswego, West Linn, Oregon City, and the greater Portland area.

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