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Despite popular opinion, a kitchen remodeling project doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. If you are selective about the areas you choose to renovate and savvy with the materials and strategy you use, you can still have a nice-looking, quality kitchen space to enjoy for years to come without spending a fortune.

Here are 6 cost-conscious kitchen renovation ideas that won’t break the bank:

1. Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re buying new custom cabinetry, keep in mind that first, or base, cabinets are priced lower than upper cabinets. At first glance, this might not make sense because of the way kitchen layouts typically work, but it actually makes sense because upper cabinets are technically more complicated and more difficult to install.

While you’re at it, ask your cabinet makers if they have any nice scraps they can cut and sand to make floating shelves. Floating shelves may seem like they would be more costly but can actually save some money if you still need upper cabinet storage but don’t want to pay for the materials and installation. Floating shelves can also make kitchen areas appear bigger because they leave a lot of wall space open and lengthen your floor-to-ceiling height.

2. Replace Kitchen Counters

For your kitchen remodel, consider laminate countertops or butchers blocks. They are less expensive than granite or other stone countertops, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that laminate isn’t a quality option. Cheaper kitchen countertops, like laminate and butcher blocks, can look fabulous in your kitchen.

Like modern laminate flooring, the technology and style options for laminate countertops are getting better and better all the time. There are many aesthetically appealing options that are durable, waterproof, and stylish.

Butcher blocks are all the rage in Portland kitchen design recently. They are durable, long-lasting, and very affordable. The butcher block look also adds a classy, natural look to your kitchen. If sealed properly, they’re great surfaces for chopping and meal prepping too.

3. Install New Tile Backsplashes

You can choose kitchen tiles that are more cost-effective but still create an impact. Arrange kitchen tiles in a mosaic pattern for an interesting kitchen update, or use kitchen tiles with multiple colors/designs to make your kitchen appear larger. Tile doesn’t have to be expensive, you just might need to spend some time looking for what you want, and you might need to be conscious about how many tiles you use in your kitchen.

4. Update Kitchen Appliances

You can change kitchen appliances without having to purchase new models of them; this saves money because appliance prices are often on the high end, especially if you’re looking at kitchen refrigerators and stoves. Go to appliance stores and ask about dated inventory or discount appliances. Most stores usually have an abundance of affordable options that aren’t the current year’s models.

Thinking ahead to your future budget, you can buy energy-efficient appliances to lessen the cost of your electric bill over time. At the moment, energy-efficient appliances tend to cost slightly more than others, but that will likely change in the near future.

5. Change Kitchen Flooring

Laminate flooring is an affordable option if you need a new floor. You get the most bang for your buck because there are many styles to choose from, they are generally waterproof and scratch-proof, and they last a long time.

You don’t have to completely change kitchen floors to update them; simply replacing kitchen floor tiles can have a huge impact without having to spend too much money because ceramic kitchen tiles come at reasonable prices while still looking great.

If you have natural wood floors, keep them! just refinish them to give them brand new life. They’ll look amazing, last a long time, and leave room in your budget to remodel other areas of the kitchen.

If you need assistance with your kitchen remodel, or even your bath remodel, contact the professional kitchen designers and project managers at RUPP Family Builders. They have just what you need for your remodeling project to give you your dream kitchen, and they’ll do an amazing job!

6. Update Kitchen Lighting

Lights are essential in every kitchen, but if your existing fixtures are old or outdated they can detract from the rest of your kitchen update ideas rather than add to them. If possible, try to utilize natural light as much as possible. If all else fails, consider updating kitchen lighting with LED lights instead of traditional kitchen lighting because these kitchen lights are longer-lasting and more affordable than most other types.

For example, replace regular lighting under kitchen cabinets with LED lighting which will be brighter, last longer, and save more energy than traditional light fixtures while being more affordable than some other options out there. You can also find very affordable, attractive fixtures at your nearby big-box hardware stores.

An Affordable Dream Kitchen Remodel Is Possible!

If you want to remodel your kitchen but don’t have a lot of money to spend, kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. You can update your kitchen or change kitchen appliances without having to break the bank with just a few kitchen hacks. All it takes is to be a little more deliberate with your remodel projects, product decisions, and kitchen remodel options.

Start your kitchen remodel today by contacting RUPP Family Builders. Get a quote with fantastic, affordable kitchen remodel ideas from their experienced contractors and professional designers. You can even work with an interior designer who will take your own ideas and personal style in mind to find your perfect, affordable kitchen layout. RUPP Family Builders serves the residents of Lake Oswego, Oregon City, West Linn, and the greater Portland area.

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