Choosing the Right Countertop Material for Your Kitchen Remodel

replace your existing stone countertops with another natural stone like quartz countertops, or maybe a nice granite countertop.

If you’re in Portland, kitchen countertops are one of the more prominent features that homeowners upgrade when it comes to remodeling or updating their kitchen. While you can paint the cabinets and change the hardware, new countertop materials are becoming increasingly popular choices for homeowners. Make sure you know what your options are before choosing a material for your kitchen update.

Thankfully, there are many types of kitchen countertop material on today’s market. From granite, marble, laminate, tile, quartz, concrete, stainless steel, and glass countertops – you have plenty of choices to make in picking out which type is right for your home style and budget. But don’t let yourself get overwhelmed! We’ve got everything you need to know about every kind of kitchen countertop so that once you decide, you’ll be prepared to make your purchase.

What Kitchen Countertop Material Should I Choose?

Deciding on the right type of countertop for your kitchen remodel is based on a number of factors, including what’s available locally, how much you’re willing to pay out-of-pocket, and your personal style preferences. The one that will work best for you could depend mostly on the price or how well it fits into your kitchen aesthetic. For example, while granite tends to be pricier than laminate, some homeowners may prefer stone because it mimics natural materials while still offering durability and low maintenance requirements.

For new countertops, the vast majority of people lean towards either a nice granite countertop, quartz countertops, or marble when planning their new kitchen design. Granite has become increasingly popular, as it looks natural and is easy to maintain. Marble can achieve a more elegant look for those looking for classic design appeal. Both materials are versatile, durable, and low-maintenance. You may also want to consider the pros and cons of concrete, stainless steel, quartz, tile, laminate, and glass countertops.

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Types of Kitchen Countertops: Pros & Cons

If you aren’t limited on choice or price then you have even more options that may work well with your kitchen design aesthetic! We’ve got all the information you need on kitchen countertops so that you’ll know exactly what to expect from each material before making a purchase.

Granite Countertops

Pros: A hard natural stone, it’s resistant to scratches, stains, heat from pots or pans, and absorbs spills relatively easily.

Cons: Typical granite countertops are priced high (around $60 per square foot), but less expensive options are available, like quartz countertops; can be porous, so can stain; expands and contracts with the seasons, which has an effect on seams.

Marble Countertops

Pros: A hard natural stone, it’s resistant to stains, heat from pots or pans, spills, scratches, and fading or discoloration.

Cons: Expensive option that could break the bank (sometimes $50-100 per square foot); quartz countertops and natural granite stone countertops are less expensive, needs to be sealed regularly in order to stay clean; not resistant to heat transfer from hot dishes/pans placed directly over marble countertops.

Quartz Countertops

Pros: Quartz slabs and new quartz countertops are less expensive than other stones; resistant to heat from pots or pans, stains, scratches, and fading or discoloration.

Cons: Needs to be sealed regularly in order to stay clean; not resistant to heat transfer from hot dishes/pans placed directly.


Pros: Low maintenance, affordable choice for kitchen remodels or updates. Laminate countertops are resistant to heat transfer, scratches, stains, spills, and fading.

Cons: Can’t be resurfaced with new laminate if it’s scratched or damaged, so you’ll have to replace old laminate countertops if they get badly chipped; some may not like the look of laminate countertops due to their low-quality reputation.


Pros: Solid surface; unique design choice that can mimic natural materials such as wood, stone, tile, etc.; low maintenance with little upkeep required.

Cons: Expensive option (around $45-65 per square foot); needs special sealers for high traffic areas in order to avoid discoloration/stains; possible concerns about health risks associated with chemicals used in the manufacturing process.


Pros: Comes in a variety of colors and finishes; durable material that can last through multiple kitchen remodels; can be resurfaced if scratched or damaged.

Cons: Depending on the type of tile you choose, it could require extensive prep-work to remove grout prior to installation; some consider grout stains tough to clean, though most are no harder to rinse off than soap scum in a shower.

Stainless Steel

Pros: Durable material that can withstand high heat transfer for cooking tasks with cookware placed directly over the surface of the countertop; requires little maintenance with easy wipe-down desired after each use.

Cons: Expensive option (around $80 per square foot); requires professional installation and fabrication because the material is so heavy and must be cut precisely to size.


Pros: Lightweight material that is durable and easy to clean.

Cons: Expensive option (around $100 per square foot); must be sealed regularly in order to maintain appearance.

Get Your Portland Kitchen Countertops Now!

Granite, marble, laminate, tile, quartz, stainless steel, and glass are just some of the different types of countertops available on the market today. Which material you choose for your kitchen remodel is purely a matter of personal preference. All of these countertops are very different from one another so it’s important to understand the good and bad points of each choice you’ll be making while designing your new kitchen.

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